Why Hello! My name is Blaise. I'm 20. I'm a junior in college. I live in Illinois. I'm a lovable person. You can call me a hopeless romantic if you'd like. I want the best for the environment. Yes. I'm a treehugger. I love taking pictures. People get used to it. I feel that pictures help you remember so many great and terrible things in your life without even saying a word. It's truly wonderful. I am blessed. I have a family, friends, and a roof above my head. I'm fun and outgoing. I like to live it up. I like to think that people have a good time when they're around me. I have a family cat named Stripes and my own cat named Harlow. I'm adventurous. I also act like a kid a good amount of time. I also have a good sense-of-humor. And I like to keep the teeth showing and the smile going. :] If you've read thus far you must really be interested in me. Well don't be shy. Talk to meh!

Chat with me. I'm the nicest person ever. I love meeting new people:

Email: greenblaise@gmail.com
AIM: yaminunfan
Facebook: Blaise Noel